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I am having problems with the clutch or transmission, it started out with the clutch getting looser and looser, then I had to pump the clutch a bunch of times for it to engage, and now most of the time it wont engage no matter what. I know I need more clutch fluid but how do I find out how and why its loosing clutch fluid and estimated cost to do it myself. And what might have caused the problem, its my friends car and want to know in 2 weeks of borrowing it, and I am very good at driving stick shift been driving a manual for about 11 years. i just want somebody's opinion in 2 weeks could this be all my fault?

by in Jacksonville, NC on June 23, 2010
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ANSWER by on June 23, 2010
replace the slave and master cylinder for the clutch. it is a bit tight to do but can be done at home. bleeding it is tricky. just be carefull. Roy
COMMENT by on June 23, 2010
thanks for the advice, but since My friend is the one that caused it im just lookin for a cheap quick fix, just long enough to give it back to him, of course tell him it happend but not pay all of it out of my pocket when im sure it was the years of abuse he has put it through.
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