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The driver side door doesn't seem to shut tightly any more and the "door open" alarm goes off and the inside lights go on when I make a left turn.
i took out my Kenwood stereo and installed a Kenwood DX371 display, but for some reason my dashboard lights won't turn on or the center console lights.
Unfortunately, I messed up my own car. While fishing a wire through the firewall for stereo equipment my fish wire caught on some small orange wires in the wire harness. One particularly was pulled pretty hard. I want...
I believe the crank shaft broke and I need to just replace the whole motor.
Noise sounds like a bathtub full of water. When brakes are applied water sloshes back and forth. What is the cause?
What would cause this issue? It some time goes above 4k or 5k to get to 80 mph
How much air pressure is required for pumping into a Tiburon's tire?