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At first the engine would rev high so I would shut it off and restart then would put in reverse and it wouldn't move or engage until giving it gas. Can you tell me what the problem is? Not sure if it needs a new trann...
Now car stays on when i take key out and my battery drains
When starting it will rev up to over 3000 after a min goes back down but also revs up like that when driving and while shifting.
I purchased an 03 Tiburon from a guy and he thinks it had a blown head gasket, it wont turn over, so instead of trying to trace eveything and find out what the problem is, I decided to order a replacement engine from ...
I'm driving along on the highway, I go to accelerate and my cars bogs out, completely stops at 4k rpms, can't push any further past it, I let off the gas, at this point my motor sounds like a go-cart engine, I push th...
Drove into low spot and motor cut off and wouldn't start will I loose my car
I try to put it in drive and it says neutral and won't go into drive
I slide it down to drive and it say neutral still
The car starts and don't when it want too, do i need a starter are what?
My brother tried to switch out my battery and he flipped it. So now my radio, heat, sunroof and roof lights don't work my dad checked the fuse by the steering wheel and the fuses by the battery. The fuse that connects...
The problems occur sent i bought it this year. The lights are still on