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hi there i have a fuel economy problem with my tiburon 1997 its 4 cyl engin 2.0 L its make 140 km / 20 L plz help
It it cools down when the heater is turned on to high. Also, the sound on my radio speakers went out. First on the right chanell and not the other one is out. It started to sound bad with bad treble,having to turn d...
i was having trouble shifting gears in my 97 tiburon 5 speed manual and found out it was in shift cables so i replaced them. now it squeals when i shift to 3, 4 and 5th gear and wont go into reverse at all. am i all w...
im in the middle of taking off my dash and in the front like under the bottom of the window still seems to be connected and i have no idea what its still connected to. is there some kinda clip orrr?