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it also has a low shortage of power which prevents windows from opening or clock in car to stay on.this vehicle uses up gas up to 3-4 times a week to refill tank
I opened the trunk reached under and tried to turn the bulb but it won't budge. any suggestions
sometimes number 4 injector wiring connector with proper tester does not fire always. causing the engine to misfire. if accelerator is held wide open, it will start blinking at full voltage. when restarting engine it ...
need to know an estimate of the cost to replace an alternator
The third and fifth cylinder are not firing what could be the problem?
Rear Window Defogger no longer works - thought it was a fuse, can't locate (no manual available) - help!
how to replace rear window brake light bulb.
replaced the timing belt but it keeps juming off. what is the fix for this and how much??
where is the crank shaft pocession sensor located on the 1999 model diagrams would be helpful
I need a diagram to help in routing the fan belt
Our 1999 sonata's wiper mechanism is snapped at the rh mounting. Will a 94 wiper mechanism and motor fit it.
How do I get a diagram explaining relay location on the passenger compartment junction block