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I have a hyundai sonata 1995 gls.just had it over hauled .worked fine till i put in new leads .now it starts then stops if i slow down or stop.please help im a partialy disabled female .thankyou
car dies as drivin down highway have done so much work to it over 1000.00 .. have changed ignition coil,ignition module,cap rotor fuel filter fuel pump starter battery catalac converter .. just bought ignition ...
when I put the gear on D or R and press the brake the car hardly vibrates but when the car is moving or the gear on N It's clear and calm !
I have accquired this car and I know that the trans. has been replaced. The trans won't shift into 4th (O.D.) and I need to varify that the shift linkage is connected correctly before I look any farther. How do I chec...
Putting in output shaft seals.....which way do they go in? Does the spring go inside or outside?
I need to replace the output shaft seals in the transmission. Only problem is I need to know what transmission model I have.....where/how do I find this information?
cost to replace crank shaft pully, labor costs?
engine not steadily while it work
what causes engine not to take the gas when you are accellerating