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A piece of the santa fe metal is coming out a bit on the back left of the car. The piece looks like it would slide back into the slot but I'm not to sure on how to go about it. How much would it generally cost to fix ...
My disc brakes are worn but still have about 6mm of brake pad remaining. The rotors look perfect, but I hear lots of professional mechanics say I should replace them. Is this really necessary?
Should both be changed? Dealer doesnt want to do both nor do the alignment either???
I'm am experiencing in real life quotes as high as 2-3 times what your website says. Ex. is the 60,000 maintenance. One reputable shop quotes $500. and the dealership was $1,600? Unbelievable differences.
How do I get the tension off the belt and what is the best way to do that?
I have a 2 yr old Hyundai Santa Fe. Up to the last 6 mos., I got 26 to 28 mpg (higher for longer trips). Now I am getting 20 to 23. Regular oil changes, air/fuel filter changes per requirements. Is there an additiv...
I am going to drive 7 hours with the malfunction indicator lamp on in a 2010 hyundia sante fe. Will this damage my engine or my car some how?
malfunction indicator light stays on for no apparent reason.
I recently went off roading in my 2WD Santa Fe and before i went off roading, the ride comfort was incredible, you could hardly feel the road when driving. Afterwards however, the ride became rough after returning to ...
We have a new 2010 Sante Fe with 6600 miles for 6 months and the oil pump failed and is now being repaired by the dealership. What must they repair to fix this promblem? Also what problems can come up later due to th...
Trying to change the oil and I can't seem to locate where the oil filter is located. Is it hidden?
is there a timing belt or timing chain