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97,000 miles. Told they were separating and total cost is $375.00
I replaced the Vapor Canister because my vehicle had a Check Engine light on when I took to get Emissions test. I tried taking in to get tested twice after replacing and the testing said Not Ready. The code was P0441....
and will soon be off warranty. each time this happens there is tremendous canging in the rear. should other parts or whole rear end be replaced
The car prior to turning off gives no signs at all of any trouble. I have taken it to the dealer and they cannot findout what is wrong. The only thing that turns on on the dash when it happends is the check eng lite ...
What is the cost to replace the rear wiper arm on a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe
I guess no one knows the answer !!!Hi! Where is the fuse located when you have the Hitch package already installed.
I remove the while light cover, remove the 2 screws and release the 2 clips on both sides but the light fixture will not come out. Need to replace the enture fixture. How do I remove?
vehicle is making a creeching noise from rear and i can feel a slight bump when driving. wheel alignment and tires needed?