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replacing. Estimator not recognizing name "engine mounts".
It sounds like it's not firing.
It still runs but very rough & I just had it in for a oil change a couple of days before this happened
please help has anyone else had this problem;it just started;thanks ahead of time.
Told it was rusted but muffler and exhaust pipes ok - just afraid of other problems. What else should I have checked?
ckoing now & then, use lucus gas treatment every fill up it went away,then one day it wouldn't take off, no power, stalled, runs rough changed plugs wires coil packs,both, cleaned EGR valve replaced idle air ctrl valv...
77,000mile/ catalytic converter was just replaced yesterday, had my gas tank replaced/the gas just dumped out onto the ground. had the gas line changed into the fill area/ had all the exhaust system replaces. and i st...
looks and rides like new; should I change the timing belt because of age? What other services are recomended?