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while driving you can hear a ticking sound.
I replaced timing belt but still won't start. May not have lined it up right. Does this certainly mean my valves care shot?
Have 124,000 miles on the car. Was getting 25 hwy mpg & 22 mpg around town. Replaced the timing belt 5,000 miles ago after it slipped a couple of teeth. Mileage has now been in the 20-22 mpg. Just replaced the spark ...
its runs good until the heat switch is turned on
with old fuel pump, tapped on the fuel tank and started. new fuel pump experiencing same problem, is now something electrical?
No matter what setting, or location. There is a an audible click from the glovebox
I just got my oil changed and was told I need to replace the boot on the driver's side steering (it's leaking). They say I need to replace the entire assembly that runs from one tire to the next. If only the boot is...
Cruise control led to check engine light to come on. Now car will not start. Oil leak.
While driving, every so often, the car would feel like it had a lag in it. The car just stopped running. The car will turn over but just not engage to start up. The battery is good. What could this be? fyi... the ck e...
When I step on my gas the car vibrates and it is very annoying. I took it back to the place that fixed the other things (above) and they say they do not feel the vibration. What do I do as I know my car and it is no...