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So he put injector cleaner in it and now it won't start at all.
Car slowed in acceleration and stopped within 1/2 blk Has new fuel pump new timing belt battery ok no noises or grinding before shutting down check engine light came on replaced cam shaft position sensor, didn't...
vor 1 Jahr brachte ich f. diesen Vorgang noch 20 Sekunden!
How difficult is it to replace a fuel line in this SUV
I just noticed a puddle of oil/diesel under the car, wasn't there this morning. I've just driven a long way and just arrived home. i've opened the hood & when I start the jeep a spray of this comes out of a top sectio...
All of these problems are intermittent. At last 2 gas-ups it was hard to start. Occasionally sputters or dies at stop light. And a couple of times it kept running after turning off ignition.
I just bought this car and was told it was AWD. I noticed it is 4WD. My car feels like it is dragging or like a wheel or brake is locked and when driving at about 35 - 40 MPH it sometimes gives a bucking feeling. I...
Oil cooler for transmission oil has a slight leak and cannot be repaired. How long to replace it? thanks...
Car was running fine until without warning, will not start. Battery good, fuses checked inside & under hood, started good. Hear clicking noises under dash when trying to turn on ignition.
how to replace 2003 HYUNDAI SANTA FE A/C Refrigerant Discharge Hose? Do I need to do something in special or can I just take out the hose and put a new one??? or do i need to vacuum the system first????