the system is completly discharged now so i will be adding oil and refrigerant should we pull a vacum on the system first?

my 03 hyundai santa fe shows no codes smog guy & hyundai says it's because I replaced the battery Both say I need to drive 50 miles. I Have driven over 250 miles still missing codes in cars computer. car has only 50k miles on it & runs perfectly check Eng light has not come on. I paid Lic fee but can't have tags until it passes smog. HELP I love the car

I can buy a complete new kit for $313.40 on eBay with free shipping and a one-year warranty. I should then be able to get everything done(parts plus labor)for about $400, right?
I would think a reputable mechanic wouldn't mind installing the kit I take to him with my car.

where is the tranny computer on a 2003 hyundai santa fe or is it part of the engine computer

my front wheel drive 5 speed is hard to shift when you go to first your in #3 2in#4 reverse is also tricky there is no grinding only missing the rigt gear truck is new to me was told used motor installed 40ooo kmhs ago need your input alan in nova scotia

It has been a month since i got this car and I can honestly say it has given more headaches in the last month than i have ever had to endure in my life.
Brief history: I bought the car from a private seller who managed to "mask" away any problems this car had i a test drove it on 2 occasions. I have had to have a transmission flush, changed a leaking oil cooler, change tires, so far i have spent close to $1000 on the car. I decided to take it to Hyundai dealership to get services as i felt that was going to be safest option.
Now to the problems, from almost day 1 the car has tapping sound that emanates from near the timing belt section, i have looked but cannot figure out what it is, could it be the tappets? I have had an oil change. The tapping noise does not go away as i accelerate.
I took the car to a car wash a week ago and after a few hours i noticed my turn signals were not working, i checked the fuses and replaced a blown fuse (10amp). I have checked if there is any moisture in the lights but there is none. I have had to change blown fuses 4 times this week, until i decided to use a 15am fuse, i understand that this is not recommended but i am tired of having to change fuses. I sometimes get an electric shock when i get out of the car!
I usually don’t drive on the highway as i work close to home, but when i get on the highway the car sputters when going from40mph to 60mph. On 2 occasions the check engine light has gone on an the car will continue to struggle to pick up speed around 55miles per hour, if i drive for 5 miles the check engine light goes off and all seems fine, I have never been close enough to a service center to check what codes come up as the check engine light goes off before i can do that.
I am at my wits end with this car and any suggestions of car mechanics in the apex North Carolina area that can be recommended will be appreciated greatly. I cannot afford to put any more money into this car.
Apologies for the long question- i look forward to hearing from the experts.

I have a left lower ball joint that is bad. how do i fix it?

how much will it cost to fix my power windows and locks on my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe, 4 cyl?

It's not the fuse.

When I turn on my air, there is no cool air. I kept it on while driving and everytime I acelerated i would hear like a buzzing sound. I havent turnef it back on since and the buzzing sound disapeared. Do you think I neef freon or is there something else I can check?

We put a new transmission in the car. When put in reverse or drive the car idles as if it is in park. When we put it in park or neutral it idles oposite. The car DOES NOT move no matter what its in.
We let the car run to make sure the transmission fluid filled the torque convertor and still nothing.
Please help. This has been a straight 8 day project.

Engine light on P0401 code. Airflow restriction, EGR Valve and EGR Selenoid replaced. Engine light still on same code problem. What next?

WHere can i get a genuine oil cooler for a decent price. i took my car to the garage today and they advised that i had a damaged oil cooler that requires replacement, there is oil leaking from all over,.Advised that the car should not be driven as the hot oil could cause the sever damage to the transmission.

i have just bought the Hyundai santa fe 2003. I noticed an oil leak on the front side near the bumper and on the ground. It looks reddish in color. I also noticed a tapping sound when I started the car, the noise is coming from near the belts on the left hand side if the engine. Help! Have I bought a nightmare

This site allows me to check the cost of a 4 wheel alignment. Can/should that be done on my Santa Fe (which is out of alignment)? I've only ever heard of a front end alignment.

how do i change the master cylinder break actuator valves