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Head light bulbs only lasting 4 months
Only other symptom is transmission shift points are high when in drive but in manual shift mode works ok
How often should it be replaced?
When I press the lever of fill nozzle it pops out and filling stops.I have to press the lever very little only then gas goes in the tank but very slow. It takes about 20 minutes to fill the tank. please give your co...
The guy who changed my brakes said the pump is $500 but i don't need it, i feel as though if it was there i need it. Does it need to be replaced?
I gave it a tune up and change the ignition coil have not idea what else it could be have any ideas what it could be Larry Lovings thank u
All warning lights came on but the car was still running. Once I shut it off it wouldn't start again.
What do the codes 731, 734 and 736 mean? I have a 2002 santa fe with 207000 miles on it, check engine light came on. Won't shift or go past 40
Just replaced alternator and vehicle runs great. But the shifter won't move out of neutral. Vehicle has been sitting for a yr. Thinking probably rusted or dirty linkage. Have no idea how to check that on the vehic...
when on the freeway my temperature hand sometimes goes past the halfway mark
What is the Oil Change recommendation for 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe?
every time i hit anything on yhe highway, i get a bump, sound from the front. shocks are very strong, but theres so many bushings, and they look like they.re in good shape. where would you start with repairs. the soun...
What might cause the a/c fuse to need replacement twice in a few days?
I 'm tried to start is not Start again chek all the Electrical system the Gas pump is fine, The Vechile Crank several times but not Ignite the Compression thanks what did you think may cause this Problem