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check engine light came on, retrieved codes P0118 and P0119, both related to coolant temp sensor, I am notable to see where it is at to replace it, any help?
The heating and cooling fan switch in the cabin is no longer working when turned on to all levels. Is this a DYI repair? If not, how much?
just replaced alternator belt when we turn on car it comes back off i need help please
for a while now i have been having problems with my door locks when i use the lock buttons or the keyless remote to lock the doors i then have to check to see which doors lock and which ones don't. And when i return t...
Cannot turn ignition key to OFF. Key will not come out...any help ?
the pump when out and i need to fix it.
My check engine light is on code is PO448, how much does this usually cost to get repaired
checked all fuses and relays none was blown
where is the dryer located on this model ???
this is other ? i keep hearing sqeeking noises from the back of the vehicle i had the calabers replaced and still it makes the noise.
How many sparks plugs on this vehicle, and where are they located????
need to replace the thermostat
I was looking at a 01' Santa Fe / V6 for sale this past weekend. I know the people selling it very well! The truck is mint in & out. They just spent masive $ on it last year and had a bunch of work done at the dealer ...
how do you drain system, ware is the drain valve
I have a 2001 hyundai santa fe 5spd.I need to top off the transmission.But I cant locate were to fill it.I know you have to go under the car but I cant locate were to fill it.