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Noticed problem immediately car was repaired and painted at body shop.
my car was inspected by the dealership on Thursday and the next day the ESP Light turned on and the steer wheel is very hard to maneuver. what could it be? what could of caused it.
Dealer wants to sell whole R&P assy to solve boot problem??
Not sure if it's coincidental, but it starts when I give it gas. Going to stop by Advance and see if they can tell me if its my battery, but if it is, couldn't it just as likely be my alternator? What about the star...
My USA Elantra 2010 Its mileage 41000 It has a problem with the autotransmission that when I turn from P to R there is some delay for a seconds in response, and the another problem during drive on D when foot lifti...
All of my brake lights fail shortly after entering reverse gear and do not return immediately once in 1st gear. I have insepected the fuse and it appears to be unbroken. What could be the cause.