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The dealership cannot find anything wrong, the issue continues and keep having to jump start the car. What can be wrong?
Got car aligned and was told my struts were bent and possible mounts and something is bent under car.
about a month ago, my coolant light came on and the coolant was low, I replaced it and ran it for a few mins with the cap off to get any air bubbles out, it was fine, a month later my light came on again, and the cool...
I am bringing it to a local Hyundai Dealership this weekend. When the fix it for me, would it be covered under warranty. I have never had a warranty before. Also my last car was 12 years old and didn't have this wonde...
what do these codes mean and how do i fix P0170, P0171, P2195
Bought used car, need to update airbag sensor. Been told it is under center console.
I have a 2010 Elantra and according to the owners manual should have scheduled maintenance at 37500 but when I called a dealership they said next maintenance was @ 45000. I'm definitely not dying to spend money I don'...
the doors lock automaticly when you close the door and leave for a few minutes. Is there any way that feature can be eliminated? wecaylor@windstream.net
I would like an estament for four tire alignment, car has 15,000 miles.