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The back end "creaks",is noisy when going over rough road/bumps.Its not so much a knocking,but the only way to describe it is an old rust bucket,like the car is VERY OLD..also makes the creaking noise when getting out...
After the car sits all night there is a strong smell of gas in the car. the access to the fuel pump appears to be tight and no signs of a leak
when i was driving the light inside went off,but outside still on. how can i solve the problem?
labor charge for basic things like brakes, replace filters, auto transmission fluid change
I bought a brand new 07 Elantra in March or February of 07 and at about the 60,000 mile mark or so the A/C light would randomly come on no matter how I was using the climate system. Well, I got to paying closer attent...
Ok. First my car died for no reason when it had a load on it (ac was on) then when I turned it off it was fine. Next day car died a couple of times and couldn't go over 2900 rpm or it would shake and stutter. I lim...