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all sensors on motor have been replaced .motor has 159,000. on it.it does this after it gets hot.fluid has been changed and checked.
When pushing on gas pedal it doesnt resond right away......then it will pick up speed......its almost like I went from first gear to third.
I cleaned the MAF sensor with CRC MAF sensor spray cleaner,some people ive spoke to said that i should not have done this, while others say it s ok to clean it as regular maintance. car runs excellent without any issues.
How involved is a transmission shift solenoid repair on 2005 hyundai elantra automatic transaxle?
When key is on airbag light will not go out. Then while driving it may or may not go out. Connection problem???
Engine light has been on for 3yr,Dealer said 02 sensor needs replacement 3 years ago. Car running well, no problems since. Thanks, Jack
was told oxygen sensor needs to be replace but after driving for a while check engine light comes on again. I have changed both oxygen sensors,the spark plugs and wires,the mission/master(not sure of name) coil, and ...
The car runs fine but the codes say P2195 02 Sensor and P0170 Fuel Trim Bank 1. Is this something we can fix ourselves?
(bubbles of antifreeze were all over the hose, like it was porous) . I replaced all hoses and antifreeze… Now 15K later it’s happening again, car is not overheating, but I have to add coolant every 3 weeks or so …? ...
I replaced battery and didn't know about saving memory with separate battery powered device. When new battery connected, intrusion alarm sounds and car will not start. What is solution? Found answer that worked f...
fan seems to work ok, but no heat comes out
Not a problem...Just a question.... At what speed must you be going for the front steering wheel air bag to deploy on impact??
Local repair shops have tried to replace the bulbs, but they will not work. In addition, the right left signal is flashing very fast inside the car, but does not work outside of the car.