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Repair shop told me they need to replace the "air fuel ratio sensor" at a whopping price of course. But that will only clear the engine light. I need the bigger issue solved. Car seems to be better, not great after dr...
the noise comes and goes but sounds like its coming from under the valve cover. I always make sure its full of oil as it has around 270,000 miles
could you give me some directions what should I do thank you
Car consume fuel and has only 1fault code recorded p0452.oi
In the past week or two, when I start my car in the morning and put it in drive, the gears shift improperly and the car begins to jerk when I drive. However, after it warms up from driving a little bit, I don't face t...
can i get an estimate
abs sensor s have been cleaned + vehicle has been scanned and the code show B009c
I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Elentra with 62000 miles. Thanks Beni
Took my 2004 with 200000 miles to the transmission shop and was told that need to replace the revese solinoid, but where is it? Can not find it in the repair manuals or a diagram. Help!
How much does a Transmission Control Module cost for a 2004 Hyundai Elantra? What is the cost of the TCM and the labor to put it in?
the front end rattles every time i go over any kind of bump or it will pop sometimes when i turn the wheel. sounds like it is on the passenger side.
1. The engine light goes on indicating that something is wrong with the engine, then after a few minutes it goes off. 2. The engine cuts off after starting. But after it sits for a couple of hours, it starts again. ...