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Have been hearing this chirp for about a month
My camshafts are not like what was talked about earlier. My exhaust cam has clutch assembly on it and there are no marks on it that I can find.
I just bought a 2004 Hyundai Elentra with 62000 miles. Thanks Beni
Mileage is approximately 130,000. It's a bad smog day in my car and smell does not go away with circulating air; windows down helps only a little. I've maintain regular oil changes, just had an oil change and point c...
Fuel door will not open I pull the lever inside my car ont he driver side floor but it will not open so I can't get gas. Please help ASAP
Any idea of the aprox cost to replace the front crankshaft seal? Could this be done by myself or should a garage?
My Elantra seriously never had much problems aside from issues with the car battery. So yeah, my car is a manual transmission and the last couple weeks I'm having problems accelerating especially when getting on the f...
I'm at 122k and replaced it sometime in mid 70s... also anything I should do at 120k besides spark plugs? Everything else seemed standard in the maintenance on here
car will crank but not start. have replaced plugs and plug wires. car died while driving hasn't started since
I have two problems with the car. The first one is a coolant issue. The engine overheated twice a couple of months ago and I replaced the thermostat to correct the problem which it did. Since then, I checked the coola...
On intial start up, the transmission knocks and won't shift properly. I have stopped the vehicle when it was warm, turned off the engine and restated the vehicle, and then the transmission shifted ok. What is the rout...
car was driving fine, no symptoms, then as i was pulling out of coffee shop tranny would shift into 2nd gear and slam back into first, back to 2nd and slam into first, had to crawl home, any ideas whats up with it?
Took my 2004 with 200000 miles to the transmission shop and was told that need to replace the revese solinoid, but where is it? Can not find it in the repair manuals or a diagram. Help!
How much does a Transmission Control Module cost for a 2004 Hyundai Elantra? What is the cost of the TCM and the labor to put it in?