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Clutch keeps popping out of first gear when I try to take off. And when it does its really loud. Motor mounts are fine. Pretty sure its the transmission but any other ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.
We have a 2002 Elantra. Last summer the radiator failed, but we stopped before overheating the engine. Since then, there is valve lifter noise when starting that goes away after about 10 seconds. We also hear the valv...
clicking sound coming from driver side when turning wheel
do i need a voltage regulater or an alternater how does that work
i bought a car md i hooked it up and it gave me diagnostic cod of po563 can you please let me know what it means
brake lights stay on with headlights..work perfect when headlights off
i had put two powersteering pumps one alternator fanbelts still does that sound a friend of mine told me something about the tension pulley
Stuttering, have to rev the engine to get it to run. Blows smoke out the exaust
I recently had the axils replaced, could this problem stem from a bad repair job?
what is the best way to put a new fuel pump in.do you haft to pull the tank.
The break lights won't turn off. I have located the brake light switch and need to know how to adjust it so that it is depressed when I let off the brakes. Or, I need to know how much it should cost to have a mechan...
My car has reached 90k miles, what service needs to be done ? how much approx. will it cost ?
Car is at service station, needing plugs and wire replaced possible additional work to cylinders...Estimates given for plugs & wires approx $200, problem being cylinder isn't firing properly, if cylinder work approx t...
How do I replace the driving ligh?
I just bought this car.private sale.as is. thought loud noise was muffler.mechanic says exhaust pipe. any help here ?