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Occasionally stalls when turning a corner when gas pedal not depressed
Car will not start
Sometimes at operates normal through all the gears. Replaced trans filter and new oil.
I've lost my only set of car keys, key fob and ignition key. I know that the key and key fob will be about $90-$100. But how much will it cost to get the ignition switch, door locks all that replaced?
it has done this for quite some time the check engine light is on but nownit does not go into gear at all put it in drive it doesnt go when you press the gas just revs up.
My front passenger side headlight has blown out.
My Elantra runs like a rabbit, but after I've driven it more than 200 miles, and it's pretty warmed up, it will suddenly lose ALL rpms and die or almost die going down the highway at 80 miles an hour. It always has s...
This happens even when car is shut off. The parking lights will not shut off.
I had the air bag light come on and stay on. A repair shop said the weight sensor under the passenger seat is bad. I was quoted $152 for that sensor. Is the sensor seperate from the seat cushion or is it part of the c...
window gasket coming away from the door, preventing the window from going up and down need a switch as well how much shoiuld this cost