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Does this mean that I need to replace the entire motor or can I just replace the barren?
I changed my thermostat and coolant but my car still overheating
I had two of 02 sensors already replaced not long ago. My car has 143K miles
everytime it has to shift into 3rd, especially in the mornings
it would crank if i let it sit for 20 to 30 mins.but then it got where the only way i could get it to crank was to turn on different things like ac,lights,etc.and moving the tilt on the steering wheel.now it want cran...
This cam controls the heater control that changes it from hot to cold. So the heater control switch is not connected to anything. I am not sure what that parts name is so no one can seem to help me order another one. ...
My turn signals only work intermittently, my brake lights not at all and my cruise control doesn't work. The car had some water damage due to flooding. I changed fuses, new brake module but still no luck. Any ideas?
car shifts fine in 1st 2nd and 3rd but no overdrive help
noisy when turning right or left...
when you make a left turn makes a squick noise.Why?