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I put my car for three weeks in the parking after that my window in the driver side is not working I try to put the motor in the passenger side and it's worked. I bought whole another switch for driver side and put it...
In cold weather when the temperature is at the freezing mark or below and the engine is started it sounds normal. As soon as the transmission is engaged there is a tapping sound that disappears as the engine warms up....
Why is it still coming on If Hyundai said its fixed. Did they just take the battery post off and put it back what is the problem.
When turning the switch to turn off the car the switch sticks and the doesnt wanna come out
I'm having unusal tire wear
Passenger side fog lamp is out. Have no clue as to how to get to it.
i bought used azera Nov /2006 car with ESC off light turned on . the nearest repair shop said that the ESC electronic chip is missing ,caused by side accident , so what should i do in this case ? secondly , is ...
I just bought an azera, and the oil needs to be changed. I like to do it myself, and I need to know how much oil I need to put back into the engine. It is the 3.8 liter engine.
Raised sunshade and now cannot lower. It will lower when in reverse, but will raise automatically when in drive or park. Has only been used approx. 5 times in all.
I have my O6 Azera in the shop for the third time for timing chain tensioners first at 14,500 miles 26,000 miles and now at 36,000 miles . I had it to two different dealers What is going on???? Any help is great...
wipers do not work, I can hear buzzing from motor but wipers do not move, info on replacing wiper motor