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I have changed the plugs, pvc, air filter, put in injector cleaner, and a new fuel cap. I have orderd a tsp sensor. will this take care of the problem?
When driving my cruse control will excellorate and keep speeding up until I tap my brake to make it stop I've had this problem for 1 year. What do I do? I went for a oil change and the dealer cleaned something and it ...
Around 92000 miles the car started to have a little rough idle, not bad enough to worry about. But as I let the issue go, it gradually got worse with the car missing while idling pretty much all the time. Replaced t...
is it really necessary to replace spark plug wires when changing spark plugs?
How can I remove the passenger side door interior door pillar--there is a rattle at top of the pillar, perhaps seatbelt related. The problem is audible on bumpy roads.