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My engine light has been on for awhile but was told it was my spark plug. It would jerk a bit when accelerating and oil light came on. Now wont start. It turns over just wont catch. Still have power. I also just found...
Lights have been dimming for a week or so.
have gotten wet or did it damage something code went out car runs fine
starts fine between fuel fulls. Check engine light is on.
I have a 2005 Accent. A terrible noise is coming from the right tire or engine while driving, sounds like a chirping sound of a cricket. What could be the issue?
The brakes started seizing grabbing and slowing me down. I took off tire and pads, broke 2 bolts, having a hard time getting them out, tried all conventional methods nothing is working. can't remove dust cover. Is the...
The engine repair symbol came on and I added oil as needed. But the light has not gone off even after much driving. Does this indicate a further problem?
It turns over, but just cranks. I must give it gas to get it started and it runs rough for 5-15 minutes.
card died no check engine light after firestone said they cant fix on post sent to dealer for repair. they told me timing belt had teeth missing had 20% compression in one cylinder. thing he said needs to be fixed is ...
Already spent 150 to replace exterior driver door handle. Can't afford to have done at Hyundai repair shop. Already bought the new handle. Just need instructions as to how to take door apart, etc. Thank you so much.
Low mileage car and proper time to replace timing belt to keep engine healthy.
I've had the allignment done and new tires put on and sometimes it feels like the front end is going to shake off. Then it seems to disappear after 50 mph
again it coast 800.00 But the light keeps comming on. could it be a problem in the electrical system? Which was replaced three years ago
when i accelerate the engine stops suddenly. to start again, i just turn off the ignition switch off and on again.the first diagnostic code given by the scan tool is "rail pressure is high" so i replaced the rail pre...