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I remove the fuel pump module and took to parts store. The manager hooked up test gauge which shows anometer putting out more micro amps when empty compared to full. He said fuel pump module working correctly. May be ...
The gas gauge will not go below showing 1/2 full even when the tanks empty. I pulled the gas pump module out and manually moved the float up and down. No change. The parts store owner hooked up an meter to the anomete...
When it first time start the lifter is noisy but quiets has it warms up? need for any concerns?
My battery recently died so I got a new one from Canadian Tire. I went to place the battery in and when I hooked it up my car starter started to kick in and the headlights and tail lights started going on and off ever...
The lights would not dim and I had dim light bulbs replaced. That didn't fix problem and i ordered a switch Number S14469. I received it. Can I install it myself? If so send me instructions. Thank you.
Gas will not flow fast and will back up and cut off quickley. Warning litght says fuel sensor. what is cost of repair?