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After getting new tyres and alignment now I have a clunck noise I've replaced sway bar bushings links trailing arm bushes I have new control arms to yet put on but only after this,could the person that done the alignm...
At times when driving, the light will flicker on and off. don't know if it's a sensor, and if it is, don't know where it is or if I can replace it myself
Check engine light and can not fill gas was the problem. I checked the vapor canister. I found charcoal in vent to gas cap fill and when I removed the canister all charcoal was coming out of the openings. I can now ...
even if in 1st gear mostly when the engine is hot
10.6v going into coil but have no spark
it. Please be specfic. I'm triing to save money and do it myself. Plus I' a girl. Thank You
how much will replacing my fuel line cost Hundyai 2000 Accent
I bought an oil pan and they did not sell me an oilpan gasket
I replaced the belt, spark plugs, and starter module. It won't start but it has a spark now
I cant see any oil leaking but im 2 quarts low after a month of driving what causes this? I dont know much about cars but I think its the gasket right below where the oil goes ( I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent)Is this th...
I have had a 4 tire alignment 3 times in 7 months and the rear is out of alignment again after 2 months , I replaced the rear wheel bearing and 2 rear tires + 4wheel alignment for $500 and they said that should fix it...
hard to get gas into tank
I get a loud clicking sound whenever i turn or back up and turn my car. Im questioning a ball joint problem. Any ideas?
i have a 00 hyundai accent with 42000 miles on it i have to replace the oxygen sensors every year around sticker time can anyone help im going nuts trying to figure this one out thanks
The check engine light comes on and it won't pick up speed, or change gears. The code is P1529. I need to know about how much this part is approximent ok???