Hydraulic clutch fluid keeps leaking! on 1990 Honda Accord

I replaced the master cylinder, flywheel, new clutch and new hydraulic lines. I have the slave cylinder on order. I keep fixing the supposed problems and it works fine for a day. The next day I come out and the fluid is all on the ground on the passenger side. What else could this be???

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The clutch slave cylinder is on the passenger side of the car towards the middle. There is a metal line to that transmits fluid under pressure created in the clutch master cylinder to the clutch hydraulic slave cylinder. The metal line may be damaged some how? But it sounds like the slave cylinder may be leaking. It is a good measure to replace the clutch master and slave cylinder at the same time as the fluid that caused the master cylinder to fail also was circulating in the clutch slave cylinder.
I'm glad issues have been resolved, and glad the out come was a more economical repair than originally suggested.
I ended up haveing to replace the lines once the slave cylinder came in. That fixed it. all in all with master, slave and costed me about $120 in parts. But still cheaper than taking it to a dealership mechanic!
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By master cylinder, can I assume that your are referring to the clutch master cylinder? If it is still leaking, are you using factory parts? There are many horror stories on the International Auto Tech Network ( I am a member ) about after market master cylinders and slave cylinders for clutch and brake systems. The 'quality' is very inconsistent. If the clutch master is leaking on the ground, is the line and connections tight and with new sealing washers?