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1994 Chevrolet S10 Question: hydraulic clutch bleeding

There does not seem to be an easy way to bleed this system. Would it not be easier to remove the slave cylinder where you can get at the bleeder and then re-install the slave cylinder? Thank You -
Answer 1
open te bleeder with the cap off until all the air is gone. we use a vaccuum bleeder that works great. it takes a little time but works with the gravity bleeding. Roy -
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I saw a video today on youtube where a guy made a hole in the clutch master cylinder cap and put a standard tire valve stem in it, pressurized the system and closed the bleeder. Sound reasonable? -
Comment 2
where is the cap location. -
Answer 2
just pump clutch up and down hold at the bottom then bleed repeat till all air is out of linedont fill clutch master cylinder but haft full if you fill up to top clutch will no work wright (you can take the tank off if it has a hose in between the tank and mastercylinder iused a garden sprayer cut the hose off used conneter rubber hose clamped to master cyl then filled it brake fliud pumpup sprayer then bleed slave cyl -
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Please re-read the post. The slave is where the bleeder is and is very hard to get to which is why it might be easier to remove the slave temporlaraly , bleed and re-install the slave. -
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if you take slave off you will just blow it a part you have to put in clamp or something to bleed -
Answer 3
would it not be easier to remove slave cylinder where you can get at the bleeder and re-stall the slave cylinder. -
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