Dodge Avenger Problem Report

Dodge Avenger AC Blowing Warm Air Only

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Warm air only may be discharged from the AC system due to a faulty infrared temperature sensor.

Ac blowing hot air. Replaced compressor. Worked intermittently. Once again blowing warm air. Told I need a new fuse box and new evaporator. -
It's not fixed but it only blows warm air -
They put a new AC compressor on. And I put 2 cans of AC coolant and repair AC leak. And it stills blows hot air. Not hot as in hot hot but just air from the outside. Say it's cold outside then it will blow hot air, say it's hot outside and only hot air will come out. Before all this I noticed that when I push on the gas cold air would come out. But if I stopped at a red light the AC would stop giving cool air and start throwing hot air. But once I would step on the gas. It would start throwing cold air again. I don't know what seems to be the problem. -
First the driver side vents started blowing hot air. A couple months later, the passenger side went out. I went for an oil change and the line was frosted over. I went to have freeon added to the unit and was told the compressor was out but it is still blowing hot air...I am trying to replace the air blend actuator to get cool air. When some of the freeon was put in the line the air did get cooler. -
no a/c and blowing heat -
blowing hot air -
All the sudden my AC just stopped working with no warnings. I went to use it after the winter and all it does it put out hot air. -
Blowing warn air -
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