HV Battery being drained in about two minutes
Please Help Meeeeeeeeee
on 2001 Toyota Prius

I have changed the HV Battery back an forth several times with another Prius I have that's working. Both batteries work fine in the working Prius an I have the same problem with either battery in the problem car.

Today I swapped out the Inverter/converter. I started the engine and the power flow meter was showing fully charged HV Battery. By the time I had moved a few things out of the way for a test drive Probably about 2 minutes running time the engine shuttered an Got the HV Battery problem.

So far I substituted the HV Battery, the Inverter/converter, throttle body, throttle position sensor and running out of parts to change out.

I may try the engine ECM next. I really don't want to because I will have to set up the handshake between the transponder ECU and the engine ECM.

I'm not really wanting to do that if I can come up with other ideas that may work.

I've never set up this handshake before an I think I have to short across the Pin 4 and 13 of the DLC an leave it with the ignition on for 30 minutes.

I'm not finding real clear instructions for this procedure. I downloaded directions from the Toyota web site but they had the pin numbers all labeled wrong

and the instructions were Japanese. Like I got to learn their language to work on this stuff?

If anyone has any ideas for me, believe my I would be so appreciative.

Thanks, Hank

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