Humming noise when steer wheel is turned right on 2005 Acura TL

My car make a humming noise when I first turn car on in the morning. Its more noticeable when I turn steerwheel to the right.

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It is hard to give an opinion on a noise without hearing it first hand. Check the level of your power steering fluid. My second thought is this sound may be normal, it may be your antilock brake pump building up pressure. If you could duplicate the noise stop by your local garage or perhaps leave your car at the shop over night and start the car with them first thing in the morning.
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YES is a mayor recall ,you car can get in fire ,high pressure hose from power steering have a small hole and lick direct to you manifol,go to you acura dealer and they fix for free :)
Not fire. The leaking P/S fluid lands on the exhaust causing smoke.
I have a 2004 TL and the steering wheel was making noises... I took it into the dealer and apparently there is a recall with the hose.