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refrigerant seems to be frozen on hose.what could it be .how much in cost to fix?
After replacing the engine oil oil 10/30 appearance problem steaming oil and Nothingness sound emanating from the engine and Nmzaaj Anzgat engine air Kibdoa that explode
When I change the gear on my automatic hummer it takes a few seconds for it to kick in. Any advice on what might be wrong?
When I turn headlights on they stay on bright. I replaced the main switch in the dash and tried the high low relay also. The dome light stays on when you switch to headlight on position. Had it checked on a computer a...
Why stop at Automatic Transmission switch Balguiar third and fourth suddenly after hearing the voice while driving I was told that he must change Jerabox Is this true Thank you
Car went 1600 miles in the 1 month. Valvoline claims since car has 4-wheel drive it had to have fluid in front diff. My guess is they somehow only put in a small amount of gear oil(1-2 pints) when the service invoice ...
why and what can I do to disable the door lock system without screwing everything else up? It happens when I accelerate and brake and most of the time in between.
also acts like it wants to stall with RPM acting erratic. Vehicle has 83000 miles on it. And is there a service schedule for this vehicle the dealer is telling no? Thanks Leo
The gentleman said it was only seaping not exactly leaking