HUB ASSY on 2002 Lexus ES300

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I am replacing my right rear hub assy. How do I seperate the hub assy from the caliper bracket?
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remove the caliper assembly.
remove the bracket with the 2 attaching bolts behind the spindle.

take off the cap for the hub, remove the nut and slide off the hub assemblt.

There is like a sheet metal shroud attached to the old assy. I assume it needs to be put back on the new hub assy? I can't remove from the old assy, can u tell us how?
do you have the new hub?? i am going to check on alldata and get a picture to work with be back soon.


update. alldata shows and I thought that you need not remove the backing plate. there are 4 attaching bolts you remove to free up the hub assembly. no need to remove the big shield.