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Howard Orloff Jaguar Volvo
April 12, 2009

I would go as far to say, fix your car yourself!

Newly relocated to Chicago, we brought our Volvo for an oil change. Even though our car had been after the 60,000 mile check, which we had already done before relocating to Chicago, they wanted to charge us for all kinds of work that was ALREADY DONE.
Oh, but this was not the worst part. We decided not to go for their multiple "repair" suggestions, and we sort of laughed that part off, and went on our merry way.
Several days later, we ended up stuck on the road with the undercarriage of the car half-attached, dragging on the road. We had to have our car towed and it appeared that of the FIVE bolts and washers necessary to re-secure the undercarriage after changing the oil, they had only put on three of the bolts and NOT A SINGLE WASHER. Now, this isn't even sloppy work. This is downright negligent to not resecure the undercarriage after changing an oil filter, and with NO WASHERS at all.

Well, thank you Orloff. I will NEVER come back. I'm sending you the bill for our towing.

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