how would you know the trans- fluid is low? on 2007 Saturn Vue

my saturn vue 2007 4 clyc runs so slow is that normal?

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Look in glove box, got manual? May or may not help. No dip stick on this trans.
so it will be hard to ckeck it with something it don't have! Seek help from a repair shop.
Any leaks? May be another problem,have it checked at shop.
no theres no leaks, just wondering how would i know when its low or needs transmission fluid.
There is a check plug on the trans. It really needs to be on a lift to check the fluid level.
Take it to a repair shop have fluid checked ask them to show you the plug and refill port
on top of trans.Then you may be able to do it yourself. Ought to be a law against it but
that just how it is! Not just Saturn either, many others also.
call the dealer they said i would need a trans fluid changed for 2007 saturn they need to change it every 30k mine saturn vue has 138767, now its starting to shake, poping noise on the motor like, lil rocks
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I agree with #1 but make sure engine is hot and running when you check it
there is no dip stick for the transmission!!!!
check dipstick
there is no dip stick!!!!!! I double checked I think its under
How about that no dipstick, at least not on the trans!