1998 Nissan Altima Q&A

1998 Nissan Altima Question: how u test the temperature fan cooling relays on my 1998 nissan altima

when i turn my car on my fans click on at the right temperature bout with in a few minutes they swicth to a higher speed like the car is running hot but its not the temperature guage reads normal an the fans stay at a high speed the entire time the cars running -
Answer 1
How hot is it down ther in florida ? Still above 70 during the day? probably normal operation if car is just sitting idling with no other source of airflow to cool it. Is the A/C also on?(or defrost- that defaults to comp. operation) -
Comment 1
this problem came about when a heater hose went bad in back of the block i replced it the car was over heating its not now but the fans are at high speed like the computer gitting rong senser reading i was told it could be air in the system -
Comment 2
That is a possibility. Some cars are set to default the fans to high speed if the PCM detects an open in the fan control(switch) circuit. Maybe something is not completely plugged in or got unplugged without knowing , when the hose repair was done. Hope I'm on the right track for you. Keep us posted. Thanks. -
Answer 2
sounds like the cooling fans are operating as they should... -