how too get the heater hose outlet at water pump too seal on 1998 Dodge Ram 1500

i instaled a new water pump and it comes with a steel pipe with oring that is placed into the top of waterpump but im having no luck getting it too seal.

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Did you install the new O ring and lube it before putting it in the pump? Did you bend the tube? Remove the tube and check. May drain some coolant clean out pump and pipe then apply some rtv sealant along with O ring then reinstall pipe, even onto the support bracket NOW, let it sit until morning then refill. Check for leak.
yes have done all that twice even changed tubes leak was minimized but still leaks thanx though i willkeep trying maybe JB weld?
No jb aint going to do it either due to expansion and contraction, dont think so anyway. Is pump housing cracked? Never seen one that stubborn!