How to turn off my "low tire pressure warning lite"? on 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

I dont know how to turn off my warning lite on dash. It keeps saying "low tire pressure". How do i turn the warning lite on my dash board off?

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Turn your key to the on pisition, turn off the radio. Hold down the tuner button and you'll see a menu to turn it off.
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i don't know how to get light that says low tire pressues off i put air in the tires they were low but it still want go off
use the radio method. you can reset many lites with this.
I don't have the manual. How do I get the warning light to go off?
Go to your owners manual or directly to their website. It is usually very simple.
These things are pretty annoying, but often times they are correct and the only way to get them to turn off is to correct your tire pressure.

If the tire pressure is correct, then you may have a problem with your wheel speed sensor. Or, the trouble code may just need to be cleared, which you'll probably need the help of your local shop or dealership to get done.
Try pulling your headlight switch out to the parking light position three times. Like on ,off,on,off,on off that's what it takes to reset my light