how to tighten/adjust power steering drive belt. on 2007 Mazda CX-9

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I am replacing my drive belts and don't see where or how to adjust/tighten the power steering drive belt. The belt only drives the power steering pump.
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Lucky you. The power steering belt requires a special tool set for removal and installation. It's basically a wedge type affair. I don't know but myself, I'd try find a way to Micky it (then I'd buy the tool). There are 3 mounting bolts, possibly I'd try loosening them to get a bit of slack and use a wooden wedge to remove it and sheer genius to reinstall it. I'd have to try for myself. Yes, I agree that this is a really stoopid system and there are better ways, but that's what the engineers gave us in their wisdom. I don't know what they were thinking about adjusting the tension, customer relations, etc.. Don't get me started....
I think you'll be happier taking it to a Mazda specialist, he's likely the only one to have the tool and the practice in using it.
PS: if you mess with it, ONLY turn the engine in a clockwise direction to avoid damage.
Here's a directory link for you: