How to test a 90k-mile used chevy 3.1L V6 engine? on 1995 Chevrolet Lumina

Want to buy a stated 90k-mile used chevy 3.1L V6 engine,
do you know how to stress test the engine for piston compression, gaskets' leak and other old engines' problems? Thank you for your prompt reply!

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Sometimes you just have to take a persons word! The only way to do what you are wanting is to dyno or install the engine.
95 year model, is it worth it? I mean is it a pretty nice car and the tranny. is in good shape? Steering rack and other componets working ok, ac ect.
What warranty is with this eng.? Just some things to consider.
Thank wetry for quick response! everythingelse are okay with this car, but the engine.
No warranty for the stated 90k-mile engine! May be I should get a rebuilt engine with 3-year
warranty from Orielly? 2.5 times more expensive, but warrantied!

is it a good idea? thanks
Check around the salvage yards first, here in VA. some offer a darn good warranty on used engines!
The VA salvage yards must be able to fix engines, or they must have a number of same engines, in order to provide warranty, am I wrong? I need to check around here for such ones!
A lot of the cars have low miles when they are salvaged, so the engine price is higher but warranty better! A bunch of 3.1 GM engines out there that will interchange. Usually they run these engines before removal to check them out then adjust the price.
That is how it works at most of these places! A lot of engines/years will interchange, within the same make.
Old Dominion Auto Parts of Roanoke Va. and others, offers a lifetime warranty to the orginal purchaser on certain engines ect. when professionally installed. So SHOP around.
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if your a aaa cust you can get a pre insp. service at any aaa repair shop. prices vary depending on service needed
The used engine is at a dealer. I believe I have to do a testing there.
Is there a stress test that I could do, or have the dealer do it?

Is the engine in or out of the car?
It is out of the car at a dealer's place. He wants to sell it to me, but no proof for 90k-mile usage though.
Yikes! you might have to crank it by hand to do a compression test