1995 Toyota Celica Q&A

1995 Toyota Celica Question: How to tell if ps pump is bad

When I turn, there is a squeeling sound and it is hard to turn. How can I tell if it's the power steering pump, the belt or something else? -
Answer 1
First of all, make sure the power steering fluid level is OK and the drive belt is tight. If all that is OK, then you need to determine exactly where the noise is coming from. -
Answer 2
Replace your belt because its a good idea anyway and its affordable. Also check the fluid level for your power steering. -
Answer 3
First step is it see how much fluid is in the system. If it is low top it off and see if the problem is still present. Low fluid is a sign of a leak. If fluid level is normal look at the tension of the belt making sure it is tight. Should have not more then a 1\2 in. of deflection 1\4 1n. would be best. If belt is ok move onto looking at the flow rate of your pump. remove output line to verify fluid movement If flow rate is normal then take a look at your rack. Im buy this point you are over your head so bring it to a pro. Good luck -