how to take out door panel driver side so I can fix the window on 2001 Oldsmobile Alero

my window would not go up or down, I need to take out the door panel.

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before you do this, you need to verify an up and down command from the switch. use a test light to find the wires that operate the drivers window.

ALSO check the rubber seals on the window!!! first mine had flipped out and over and the window would not go up more that a few inches,, then I got them back in place and the window works great,,, every now and then it happens again but, just put them back favorite expression START SIMPLE and cheap first THEN work your way CHECK FUSES,,,, THEN!!! go after switches and motors etc. I, myself would hate to rip stuff off and THEN find out it was just a fuse--AHEM.....not that that has EVER happened to me before--tee hee