how to take off front bumper on 2005 Honda Accord

I'm going to try and repair a crack in my front bumper but will need to take off the bumper. Can someone tell me how to take it off? Is it pretty easy? Thanks.

by in Clayton, CA on December 12, 2008
2 answers
ANSWER by on December 12, 2008
To remove a bumper cover on any vehicle should be done by a body shop because the foam behind the bumper will be damaged upon removal and to repair a hole or crack will not look right unless done by a professional Call Matt's Color Touch for repair and repaint of your bumper on your car, Matthew Wilson Owner Cell 510-715-8434
ANSWER by on March 29, 2010
it is easy to take the front bumper you will need 2 screw drivers and a pair of side cuts when you fix the bumper identify what kind of plastic you are repairing and use SEM Bumper repair #68422 it is for pp plastic
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