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1992 Honda Civic Question: How to stop oil from coming inside spark plug no#3 cylinder?

Is there any other ways besides removing head cylinder or pulling all the valves, rocker arms and all bolts from the shaft, etc...every week i checked that spark plug,an oil about 1/2 inch inside. it's not overheating but causing little misfire and affected the gas mileages per gallon. original engine only 112k miles. thanks -
Answer 1
What does compression test show? Ring or valve problem? -
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i will check compression monday. ring or valves i do not know but visible problem is spark plug soaked with oil. in your knowledge of Honda engines what is the possible cause? -
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I'm guessing cracked head or worn valve guide.How bad is the misfire? Put a vacuum guage on it see if it stays steady or fluctuates. -
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thank you for the response i found the problem. -
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well, what was it? -
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deep well o-ring -