How to stop brakes from squealing and sliding door motor from making loud noise? on 2000 Honda Odyssey

Brake pads, rotors and drums have been replaced still squealing with stopping. Also the passenger sliding door motor makes a very loud sound when the door is being locked. It is getting very tiring to try to fix these issues to no avail. Please help!!!! Thanks

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ck door lock actuator and repl brakes with good pads amd turn rotors
Ok I know where the door lock actuator is located. How do I tell if it needs to be replaced? Thanks!!!

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Honda pads and rotors- installed PROPERLY. And a door lock actuator.
As far as the brakes are concerned, certain types of brakes will make noise no matter what, even when all the maintenance has been done on them. Especially if you use cheaper brands of pads and rotors.
Do they usually only start to squeak after several months or right away? We have tried cheap and expensive pads and rotors to no avail. Do you know how annoying it is to stop at a stop sign and your vehicle makes that noise? Any ideas about the door? Thanks!!!!
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