how to set the cams the belt jumped a couple of teeths..Have number one set.. on 1996 Ford Contour

someone told me there are an E on the right back of cam and on the left cam an I was on the back side of the right cam,, and NO I on the right cam

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Crank to Cam timing is very critical. It's is far less to spend $26.95 to get the factory info than it is to replace the cylinder head. Go to It is also critical that you replace the idler and tensioner pulleys. Replace the tensioner also. If you need more help contact me at

Why waste your money on a junk chilton book, when you can get factory info for $26.95. Greg this time you are wrong.
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buy a chiltons book at auto zone and get pictures, i hear they are worth a thousand words
This job requires speciality tools and a lot of engine savvy, suggest getting a mechanic to do the repair.
Even with instructions and propper tools it is still a tricky job!! Now, you may very well be a mechanic, no profile given.
Wetry you are correct. This is a job for a seasoned tech not a DIY.
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