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1998 BMW 328i Question: how to set power window back on track

how to set power window back on track driverside -
Answer 1
If it's off of the track the window regulator might be broken. The door panel needs to be removed and the regulator has to be inspected. Zee -
Comment 1
da. thanks but way ahead of that. how do i get reg. and window back on track. i know i need to remove some part of track or reg. it came off because of my wifes fit of rage and the coca cola that gumed it up. can u help -
Comment 2
Post an e-mail, I'll see if I have something that I can send over. Zee -
Comment 3
Thanks Zee, good and true advice! I watched a couple of videos on youtube about how to repair a window regulator due to the window appearing to be broken and/or not operating! -
Answer 2
Check it out! Youtube has several videos of VERY professional mechanics demonstrating STEP by STEP exactly how to replace a regulator on the drivers side! -