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2006 Toyota Tundra Question: How to separate tail light wiring harness plugs

So what's the key to unplugging the wiring harness sockets? Kind of funny. All the posted instructions say to open the tailgate and back out the bolts and remove the taillight assembly and then discount the wiring harness. I guess I thought that much was fairly obvious. But for the life of me I have no clue whether I'm supposed to poke, pry, push, pull or what to separate those plugs without breaking something. It's an '02 Tundra tail light assembly and I can't figure out how to disconnect the wiring harness. -
Answer 1
Connectors often are really tough to separate after a few years, often due to the silicone weather seals in the connectors sticking. You have to look really closely at the connector to see how to unlock it. This is difficult for pro's too so be careful and don't feel too bad.. -